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Suprise! Box Mini

Regular price €124.95 EUR

incl. 19% tax

Product Information

Product picture shows sample products. Ordered/Delivered products may vary in quantity, width, length, color and pattern.


The Mini Box contains:

  • Approximately 150m of a random number of different laces
  • Pricing only for this Box: Approx. 0.83€/m incl. 19% tax
  • There will never be less than 1m of a lace
  • We will include laces of higher prices as well
  • Material composition may include:
    • Cotton
    • Polyester
    • Elastane
    • Viscose
    • Polyamid 6.6

In this Suprise! Box Mini a variety of different Laces will be carefully selected and packed with loving care - but no peeking!

Similar to Secret Santa - but all year round!

We hope you end up liking it all and wish you the best of fun with this assortment.

  1. Please be aware that while we will do our best to provide continues metrages it may be that the ordered quantity will be send divided in various parts.
  2. Depending on a various amount of aspects, the rapport length, width, usable width, cut length (as well as other measurements) may vary some. They will be within our tolerances. Please be aware that goods such as lace cannot guaranteed always be the same, even if it is the exact article. If the variation is outside the tolerances or there are any stark differences we will inform you accordingly and handle each case individually